“I'm not afraid of failing; that's the only way to reach success.” - Nuno Peralta

About Nuno Peralta

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Personal - Nuno Peralta
I love karate, piano, swimming, friendships.
I hate discos, smoking, drinking, drugs.

I care about people's feelings. I can't really trick anyone and I always try my best to make others happy and help them when they need. I hate selfish dudes.

I took a university course learning about networks and computers, but I mostly work on self-education, researching and learning about anything when I need.

I have my own businesses running, learning from my mistakes and looking for success. I'm very positive of my skills and what I can give to the world. I plan to change the world in some way.

I have five grades of Piano Study, but I don't study Piano anymore. You can watch me playing Czerny Op. 740 nr. 50 on Youtube.
I got my Shotokan Karate Black Belt in 2011.
Professional - Nuno Peralta
Years of daily experience in Web Development, Database Administration, Scalability, Problem Solving and Project Management.

Founder of Similar Worlds, a successful and profitable Story and Question website where users can share their thoughts anonymously and get feedback from other members' point of view. My main activities are related to implementing the Functionality and Algorithms, MariaDB Database Manager, Linux System Administrator, Performance and Memcached Management, Problem Solving, Development and Production Maintenance. I also maintain Mail Delivery recommendations, SEO compliance, browser compatibility, memory and CPU usage and other issues.

✔ Started programming since age of 12, now grown into my life, my future, and root of my many successes. I have developed a range of programs and free services that are widely used even to this day, by people from all over the world.

✔ My first success was a very successful skin for Windows Live Messenger. Later I have greatly helped the hi5.com staff by finding and fixing serious security holes in hi5. I've also developed the successful hi5 Profile Generator and other hi5 tools, which was a good source of income.

✔ I am qualified for Master of Science (MSc) in Network and Information Systems Engineering, where I've learned about several important technical subjects, such as Computer Science, Systems Administration, Advanced Topics in Databases, Web Technologies, Human-Computer Interaction. I have the QFA Life Assurance course/exam.

✔ I am currently working for Irish Life as an IT Consultant since January 2013.

✔ I have knowledge in a wide range of technologies such as web apps, email delivery, database administration, Memcached, scalability and security, Unix & Windows development, Android API, Facebook Graph, COBOL and a lot more.

Here are some social and organizational skills and competences that I feel are important in a company, so I try my best to keep:
✔ Good and professional communication skills gained through my experience as the founder of a small company working with other staff and by my previous employments;
✔ Appropriate humor and mood depending on different situations;
✔ Formal written letters and announcements skills, gained through my work experience dealing with a large amount of users and clients;
✔ Confidence and positiveness in business and life;
✔ Leadership (I am currently responsible for a few teams);
✔ Organization (experience in dealing with large TODO lists, issue trackers, version control and complex software projects).

I have daily experience in:
✔ PHP complex applications, MySQL/MariaDB performance/tuning, Memcached, Linux Administration;
✔ HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (Ajax, jQuery), Browser Compatibility (IE6, IE7, etc.), "real-time" web applications;
✔ Mail Delivery recommendations, SEO compliance;
✔ Apache, Nginx;
✔ Scalability, Problem Solving, Debugging (logs, breakpointing on processes, profiling), Code Improvement, Replatforming, Software Design;
✔ C#, ASP.NET, PowerShell, Visual Studio, IIS (Internet Information Services);
✔ SQL Server, SSIS, SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Profiler;
✔ JIRA, Subversion, TortoiseSVN, TeamCity;
✔ Test/Production Environment Architecture and Infrastructure Design, Project Management;
✔ Micro Focus, JCL, COBOL and the CLOAS application;
✔ Node.JS on Server-side Multiplayer Game Development;
✔ Failover Clusters.

I have an extensive experience in:
✔ Android development, Java;
✔ Facebook Graph API;
✔ C++ and Qt 5.

I also have some experience with:
✔ Python;
✔ Haskell, Prolog;
✔ IBM WebSphere MQ, Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS);
✔ Mainframe, PL/1;
✔ Oracle, CTL;
✔ Tomcat, Weblogic;
✔ MongoDB.